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Adventure Play

Adventure Park

Childhood delight and laughter can be heard throughout the park echoing from the wooden towers of the Adventure Play.

This dynamic playground, designed for kids of all ages, most notably features two 30ft wooden towers bridged by a netted rope tunnel ending in a stainless steel slide. On any given day, don't be surprised to see children darting between native plant beds to hop on the spider web-inspired swing or tire-esque merry-go-round.

Urban Outdoor Play & Learning

The adventure play is designed by Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) , a leader in interactive play, childhood development, and environmental design. NLI designers Mary Archer and Brandon Dupree partnered with Mahan Rykiel Associates and Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore to create engaging, high-quality play areas in a more naturalized setting within the urban park that overlooks the Inner Harbor.

To learn more about NLI and their work to "create environments for healthy human development and a healthy biosphere for generations to come,” please visit