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Jake's Skate Park

Jake's Skate Park

Skaters of all ages gather at Jake's Skate Park to grind the rails and grab some air against the backdrop of Baltimore's harbor skyline. 

Baltimore's Best Skate Park

Requested by the community during stakeholder meetings, designed by the nation's top skatepark builders, and activated by local professional skaters, it's unquestionable why Jake's Skate Park was named 2022 Best of Baltimore's Best Skate park by Baltimore Magazine. 

Skate Park Design & Features

Open from dusk til dawn; this park offers skates more than an impeccable vista; there is something for skaters of all skill levels. Jake's Skate Park was designed by Grindline, a trusted industry leader in concrete skateparks and custom-tailored design. With new and young skaters in mind, the park features multiple elevated decks, rails, stairs, grind ledges, quarter-pipes, a half-pipe pocket, and different graded slopes. 

Community Driven Events

The Waterfront Partnership has teamed up with professional skateboarder Joey Jett, Chill Foundation, and other action sports organizations to provide regularly scheduled programming for young skaters to learn in a safe and encouraging environment.

The local community has grown by leaps and bounds, creating an inviting space for anyone on wheels, from rollerskaters to freestyle BMX riders. It's not uncommon to see an impromptu skate competition on any given Saturday night! 

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Jake Owen's Story

Jake's Skate Park was dedicated and named after Jake Owen, a 5-year-old avid skater from South Baltimore whose life was cut short when a distracted driver struck his family's car. In his brief but impactful life, Jake would take to the streets to show everyone new tricks he learned or help his friends pick up skateboarding for themselves. He played baseball and soccer and inspired everyone he knew to pursue their passions and live life fully. Jake's favorite colors were Purple and Orange, inspired by his hometown's sports teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.

To honor Jake's life and infectious attitude, the skate park was envisioned as a dedicated safe space for skates of all ages and abilities, specifically catering to young and beginning skaters like Jake. In the spirit of fostering a strong "grom" squad (aka young skater community), the Waterfront Partnership organizes and hosts workshops and grom's only skate sessions by partnering with local professional skateboarders and action sports organizations. 

If you'd like to organize a skate or youth-focused event at Jake's Skate Park, please contact

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