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Waterfront Parks

“Parks and playgrounds are the soul of a city.” ― Marty Rubin

Baltimore's waterfront parks are gateways to premium recreation, live entertainment, and nationally-acclaimed conservation gardens full of native plants that serve as reminders to visitors of their daily impact on the environment. These parks are where the waterfront neighborhoods of Baltimore meet to unwind while appreciating the view of the Harbor from each picturesque location.

Rash Field Park

Discover the new Rash Field Park, the newest addition to Baltimore's Inner Harbor; this family-friendly park redefines what our waterfront public spaces can be! Disappear from the city into a land of native birds and flowers in the Nature Park. Let your children clamber up a pair of 35-foot wooden towers in the Adventure Park or get a free skate lesson at Jake's Skatepark. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the sunset over the city skyline from the overlook at the BGE Pavilion.

Grab a bite of our city's local cuisine from our weekend food trucks or discuss the modern state of art with local creatives over coffee; there is something for everyone with a rotating schedule of events and free recurring programs!

Pierce's Park

Tucked away behind the Columbus Center and next to US Coast Guard Cutter WHEC-37 is Pier 5's hidden gem, Pierce's Park. This family-friendly interactive park provides a calming escape and features interactive sculptures, a musical fence, a living willow tunnel, native plants, and the famous horn sculpture.

Don't miss the opportunity to let your child burn off that excess energy after a visit to the National Aquarium; Pierce's Park is just across the wooden bridge from the Aquarium's Pier 4 Exit.

West Shore Park

When you need a break from walking the promenade and want to take in the views of the harbor, there's no better spot than West Shore Park. Whether sitting on stone benches under the shade trees or sprawled out on the spacious lawn, this quaint park provides a relaxing escape. Here is also where you'll find the Walter Sondheim Fountain (the big splash pad), adding another element of delight for kids.

Located between the Baltimore Visitor Center and the Maryland Science Center, West Shore Park is where you'll find a plethora of public events all year long, like the German Christmas Village during the winter and free fitness classes during the summer.

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Walter Sondheim Fountain

When the mercury rises, so do the cooling springs of the Walter Sondheim Fountain as jets of water are sent high into the air to splash those in need of relief from the summer heat. The fountain is nestled between West Shore Park and the Baltimore Visitor Center Building and operates (approximately) from May – September, 11am to 10pm; just follow the relaxing sounds of splashing water and the delightful laughter of children. 

(Note: Waterfront Partnership does not manage or control the timing of the fountain. Please call 311 to report if the fountain is not operating correctly to Baltimore Recreation and Parks.)

Harbor Point Central Plaza

When office spaces are within walking distance of neighboring condominiums, it's easy to see why Harbor Point Central Plaza has become "the" spot for employees to dine outside for lunch and residents come to unwind while enjoying the spectacular view of the Inner Harbor.

Host to local festivals like the Harbor Point Ice Festival during the winter and free fitness classes during the summer, Harbor Point Central Plaza has become the primary hub of activity for the bustling neighborhood that continues to grow around it.

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Wills Park At Harbor Point

Wills Park at Harbor Point welcomes visitors to take a moment and relax on its benches or to recline out on its descending multi-level lawn lined with trees that overlook the water. Nestled between two office buildings, this secluded park provides a picturesque view of the world-famous Domino Sugar factory sign providing the perfect setting for an evening stroll for two or even a good old-fashioned cloud-watching session.

Wills Park has quickly become a favorite fan location for our Waterfront Wellness free yoga and fitness classes.

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