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Best Burgers On The Waterfront

by Laurence Bass

The most reimagined and often remixed item on any menu in the universe–by far–is the hamburger. What started out as a carnivore’s daydream of ground beef over an open flame has now transitioned to a prized meatless option for vegans. It’s been dressed up between cakey slices of Brioche and tightly wrapped in the greenest of Romaine. Some call it a serious identity crisis in taste, but the undeniable feeling we all get after that first bite of our favorite versions of this international classic is too much for words. (And who talks with their mouth full anyway?) Here on Baltimore’s waterfront, burgers are a specialty that all of us can’t wait to get our hands around. Check out our list of five of the many places where you can find some of your new favorites at some of the city’s best bars and restaurants. 

Abbey Burger Bistro | @abbeyburgerfells

Hailed by Reader’s Digest with the lofty title of  being The Best in Maryland, Abbey Burger Bistro’s located on South Broadway is out to make the crabcake a silver medalist as the city’s best dish in the region with its Baltimore Burger. The sports bar's juicy, thick Angus beef patty sizzles under a layer of sharp cheddar, crisp applewood bacon and the house’s signature crab dip. With this turf-heavy burger garnished with a hint of the surf all Baltimoreans know oh-so-well, Abbey Burger Bistro’s is leading the way with this classy newcomer to our growing food scene mainstay in the making.

Clark Burger | @clark_burger

There are too many great things that have been created by our ice hockey-crazed, ‘Degrassi’-watching Neighbors To The North–and Clark Burger is one of them. Conveniently located just a block north from Harbor East on Central Avenue, this den of prime burgerdom is where you can take a deep bite into the Full Mountie. A burger that will have you sitting on your high horse wanting more of this take on a Canadian standard from Montreal. This choice is smothered in Poutine (French fries and cheese curds) on top of the freshly grilled burger. ‘Oui’ know ketchup is the usual way to enjoy fries, but don’t worry about the brown sauce–it’s all gravy. (Get it? See what we did there?) 

Good Burger & Pizza 

Unfortunately, you will not hear Ed welcoming you to this joint with his signature chill and laid-back greeting, but the unmistakable aromas of Good Burger & Pizza’s grill are ‘All That’ and then some. The impressive pizza menu becomes an afterthought once you read the ingredients of The Big Boy Burger. This prime cut of ½ pound of Angus beef burger is the truth with toppings starting with stripes of bacon, grilled onions, lettuce, mayo, American cheese and a mounted fried egg that comes out of nowhere. Talk about ‘stacked’.

Twist In Fells Point | @twistfellspoint

Ask any meat lover and they’ll agree: no two hamburgers are alike. Take the Mediterranean Lamb Burger at Twist in Fells Point for example. Executive Chef Jose Molina gives diners a  Greek Islands experience with its grilled lamb, Feta cheese, slow-roasted tomatoes and the cooling addition of Harissa cucumber yogurt sauce. This combination that changes the game on what many of us consider a traditional burger. Twist In Fells Point, as its diverse menu reflects, steps out of the norm and elevates palettes and sates the cravings of its walk-in guests and tables of large gatherings in this appealing restaurant.

Kooper’s Tavern | @kooperstavern

Kooper’s Tavern steps out in front of the rest with its gigantic Billy’s Wagyu Burger. A highly-coveted Japanese import for burger aficionados everywhere, Wagyu stands with a select few restaurant-style burgers as one of the world’s most dense servings of beef. Kooper’s choice fixings masterfully complement this international delicacy gone global with applewood smoked bacon, truffle arugula, and spreads of garlic cream cheese that makes this selection a memorable one at first bite.