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Got Beef? Best Steaks On Baltimore's Waterfront

by Laurence Bass

Steak. There are so many ways to prepare it. Grilled over an open flame outdoors or on a cast iron pan-fried in a wash of butter, garlic and rosemary, famous butcher block cuts like these leave diners still craving every single bite they just enjoyed with knife and fork. It's a breath of fresh ‘rare’ to a carnivore’s senses knowing they are sinking their teeth into the primiest of meats prepared by one of the many amazing chefs who autograph their fine work with sear marks.

Baltimore's waterfront is quickly becoming known for having a few places to brag about when it comes to serving up the best portions with all the trimmings you need to complete the dream course plated right before you. Here is the first installment of Got Beef, your introduction to all the great dishes that showcase the heavyweights taking top billing on every menu from the Inner Harbor to Fells Point.

Cindy Lou's Fish House | @cindylousfishhouse

Don’t let the name fool you. Cindy Lou’s Fish House ocean-heavy selection dives into the deep blue sea for some of its freshest catches, but it is also the home to one of the region’s best examples of what happens when a primecut of steak is grilled to medium-rare perfection. Worth every penny (or altcoin), the Grilled New York Strip Steak is the favorite from ‘Upstate’ that every patron at this Foreman-Wolf establishment keeps falling in love with over and over again. It arrives at your table with a dollop of red wine compound butter that begins to melt into the divinely-seared steak. Seasoned along with the trumpet mushrooms, this selection was made with a blend of spices and herbs that meld savory with heat making you think twice abour reaching for the A1 sauce. Complete this epic meal with a side of cheesy potato gratin or over a bed of crispy fries that can be paired with a glass of smoldering red wine or one of the many hearty ales on tap. And don’t forget about the panoramic view of the water that can be taken in from all sides of this elegantly-chill restaurant in Harbor Point.

The Capital Grille | @thecapitalgrille

You need a second to behold the array on The Capital Grille's menu. Entrees such as Filet Mignon with Lobster Tails and Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops are just two of the many dishes that will catch your appetite's attention, but few demand your focus like the renowned Boneless Prime Ribeye. We're talking 14 Oz. of steakhouse fresh masterfully grilled to the nationally-praised standard of this class establishment on Pratt Street. You can taste the quality just by observing it as all of your senses take in the visual appeal, the unbelievable smell and fading sizzle heard once it reaches your table. Here is where your taste buds get to enjoy the spoils of your smart decision to reserve a day and time to indulge in this savory goodness. The adjective ‘juicy’ cannot be used enough when trying to articulate the level of tenderness the Boneless Prime Ribeye shows a fork and knife. It's practically gone after the first bite once a patron samples the first of many cuts of steak disappearing from the plate. The only tough choice that really needs to be made is whether to go with the Creamed Spinach, Truffle Fries, or Sam’s Mashed Potatoes. Decisions, decisions, decisions.         


Fogo de Chao | @fogo 

Fans of steak have a bone to pick with Fogo de Chao–and it’s a good one. The international restaurant’s famed 42 Day Aged Tomahawk Steak is one of the many items on a menu that has been serving as an instrumental ambassador in the Brazilian style of cooking. The country is always telling the international culinary world to hold its ‘cerveja’ regarding the new dishes wafting out of the traditional kitchens of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo. The influence of these dishes that mix European and African cuisines is apparent on Fogo de Chao’s rangy menu. Preparing this thick cut of 36 Oz. over a fiery grill that locks the flavor deep into the aged beef. Glancing at the dark, delicate and encrusted finish of the steak is evidence of the seasoning added over fire. Once perfectly grilled to a succulent medium rare, a server brings the 42 Day Aged Tomahawk Steak still on its bone to be delicately sliced on a carving board. This heightened form of presentation matches the actual taste of generously-cut steak that is giving coffee and soccer a run for their ‘dinheiro’ when it comes to Brazil’s most famous export.