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Harbor Market: Food Trucks Galore

by Laurence Bass

Nothing defines great outdoor dining like food trucks serving up tasty plates of excellence by the order and the good times that come from enjoying something new in an awesome setting. Harbor Market, our flavorful lunchtime escape of the season, is back to give you this deliciously social ambiance every Wednesday.

BJ Butler (left) and Princess Jegbadai (right) enjoying an afternoon lunch at Harbor Market
3 Jay's Food Truck and Tent

Here is where you can dine on some of the city’s best dishes prepared by professional caterers, dedicated chefs and seasoned restaurateurs. They're here bringing all of their most refreshing sips and wonderful bites to The Inner Harbor’s Amphitheater–also home to Baltimore By Baltimore. Diners from the surrounding office buildings and from all over Baltimore are showing up to enjoy new, imaginative takes on traditional fare under endless sunshine instead of fluorescent lighting. It's a great outing for many to enjoy and another chance to connect with the most iconic landmark in our city–The Inner Harbor.

“The food down here at Harbor Market is excellent. I just had the Shrimp Tacos and they were great,” actress Princess Jegbadai said between the sips of freshly brewed Watermelon Iced Tea from the 3 Jay’s Seafood and Chicken food truck nearby. “It’s so beautiful today, everyone’s out enjoying the weather. I’ll definitely be coming back again.” Royalty never dines alone. Across the table from Princess sat fellow thespian BJ Bulter who was all too eager to show Baltimore some much-needed love. “You can see all the new development, the new businesses popping up–and there are so many great parts all over town,” he said enjoying the last few bites of the Jerk Salmon over White Rice and Sweet Plantain from 3 Jay’s Seafood and Chicken. “And down here on the water you have The Inner Harbor, Harbor East, Fells Point. What else can I say–it’s Charm City.” 

Harbor Market is the only place where this combination of winning flavors and a scenic break from the norm of the office grind occurs. This is an opportunity to get a new perspective on the ever-developing landscape of the beautiful Waterfront and the flourishing small business renaissance taking shape here in Baltimore. Creating a weekly platform for entrepreneurs to present their best work in the kitchen on our city’s biggest stage is making an even bigger, lasting impact away from The Waterfront.

Flair Cuisine Tent with Owner (left) and Coworker (right)

“To be here down at Harbor Market on The Waterfront is pretty awesome,” said Luvina Mayo, Founder & Owner of Flair Cuisine with over five years of experience professionally catering large weddings, corporate occasions, and formal galas. “Being here today has been a wonderful experience, and I got to meet so many great people.” The beaming expression on Luvina’s face–as well as that of her cooking mentor Dee Smith of Calypso & Roux–was the unsaid pleasure small business owners get when a new market of customers discovers their brand. 

Harbor Market was created for moments like these where culinary entrepreneurs are able to present their latest meals to foodies in search of new tastes outside their norms. Flair Cuisine’s fall-off-the-bone Stewed Curry Chicken, yummy Curried Cauliflower over white rice and the other appetizingly healthy recipes on display speak to the rich tradition of Afro-Caribbean dishes, but that’s just the start, according to Dee. “We do venture outside of heavily-influenced African American areas of taste with our dishes as we do African and Asian cuisines, too,” Dee said before continuing. “More people need to know that we’re here, and Harbor Market is one of the best places for it.”      

Great food and awesome weather always bring Baltimoreans together, and Harbor Market’s appeal is in the taste. Unlike the options at most fast food joints, these chefs have poured years of culinary know-how into each featured dish on their unique menus for you to experience. Their perfected recipes are adding new dimensions to what the word ‘savory’ means. For more news and updates on what’s cooking on Baltimore’s waterfront, please follow us @waterfrontpartnership to check out the upcoming menus and to learn more about the vendors making Harbor Market the social outing of the week.