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Leave the Kids At Home: After Hours at the National Aquarium & Maryland Science Center

by Laurence Bass

Let’s be honest. You know what most adults think when they hear the words Maryland Science Center’ or ‘National Aquarium’? That’s right. Cheesy bus field trips with classes of excited grade-schoolers in need of chaperoning. Fair point, but that’s not the entire story when it comes to these exciting destinations on Baltimore’s waterfront. Did you know that they each have great night outings for adults? Yes–and they’re happening this season. Awaiting you here is a creative audio tour on biodiversity synced to vocal percussion, a wine-sipping tour with dinosaurs, and music from outer space sung by a rock legend. Come be a part of these experiences that are giving a new look to Baltimore’s nightlife when you finally put the kids to bed after being subjected to Cocomelon all day. (Unless that’s your thing.)

Voyages: Chapter 1 | National Aquarium | July 21 | 7pm-11pm

Nature is more than the trees making up the forest or the moving waves of the ocean’s top surface. The often unseen communication that happens among insects, plant life, wildlife, and marine life reminds us of how multitiered and beautifully-elaborate our world truly embodies. The National Aquarium’s ‘Voyages: Chapter 1’, on July 21 @ 7pm brings guests to the center where this bond is developed with nature. This fully-immersive, self-guided tour flows as the aural orchestration of local beatboxer and vocalist–Shodekah–mixes with the extensive research of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s leading scientist Ashakur Rahaman. Presenting this musically-led combination of art and science is what makes this an educational fusion of color and sound, leading you through all floors of The National Aquarium to the beat. Once the tour of the environment is complete, make the voyage over to Pier 4 to dance to the selections of DJ and producer–Wendel Partick–and enjoy the food by Cajou Creamery, Jinji, So Beachy, and Sporty Dog with adult refreshments served by B-Side Cocktail Lounge and Sagamore Pendry. 

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Music Under The Dome | Maryland Science Center | July 22 | 7pm - 10pm

It’s been just over ‘Five Years’ since David Bowie–The Thin White Duke himself and all of his creativity–left his millions of listening fans behind, but the legacy of one of his most acclaimed personas is alive, well, and larger than life. His album, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars’, will be the featured album blasting off at the Maryland Science Center and is ready to start the countdown with you onboard for the IMAX experience known as Music Under The Dome, July 22nd, @7pm. Be sure to ‘Hold Onto Yourself’ as the stunning visuals matching Bowie’s intergalactic brand of glam rock shows viewers what a powerful album it was when it was first released nearly 50 years ago. This will be a real ‘Moonage Daydream’  for those gazing ’’lectric’-eyed at the widescreen visually and landmark album sonically transporting them to another universe far away from the Inner Harbor.

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Wine and Dinosaurs | Maryland Science Center | August 12 | 7pm - 9pm

Glasses of Merlot and unearthed fossils. Of course, they go together. Archeologists won’t dig that relationship, and connoisseurs may give it a thumbs down, but lucky for us the Maryland Science Center thinks otherwise. Wine and Dinosaurs, on Aug 12, @ 7pm, is the perfect chance for every dinosaur hunter to learn more about the art of aging pressed grapes while underneath the towering presence of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Maryland winemaker Boordy Vineyards will do the pouring while you do the exploring of the Dinosaur Mysteries exhibit. Scientists and sommeliers will be there to inform you of the ways of the prehistoric creatures and give you pointers on how to distinguish 'top shelf' yields from 'rail' level bottles. A win-win for the oenophiles who love to swirl and socialize and for the oenophiles hoping to learn a few new things about some of the oldest reptiles to ever roam the Earth. 

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