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The Harbor Beat Blog

The Harbor Beat Blog

Your Pulse on Baltimore’s Waterfront!

Whether you live a few steps from the waterfront or take the occasional trip to visit, Harbor Beat is your source for local news, community events, historical insights, food & wine recommendations, and neighborhood updates.

Come meet the people, see the establishments, and find out about the happenings that make the waterfront the place to be. Articles will release on The Harbor Beat blog each week covering the waterfront districts of Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Harbor Point, and Harbor East (and sometimes our next-door neighborhoods too!) 

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Baltimore’s waterfront has been and remains the place where leisure entwines with local businesses, where recreation meets education, and where our city’s illustrious history meets the modern achievements of today. 

Stay tuned, and don’t miss a Harbor Beat! The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore is dedicated to ensuring that this blog/newsletter will be the home to our waterfront’s history in the making!